On Intimacy

If there’s one thing I’ve found we are most frightened of as humanity is.. It’s Intimacy.. Because there’s only the death of the ‘self’ on the other side of it. At its root.. Intimacy is that.

Very Much like a firefly that’s seeking Fire it’s entire life.. but to really be one with the fire, it has to Dissolve itself and BE it. Lose itself and Adorn it.

This is the paradox at the heart of all human relationships with oneself and the other. We are at once deeply drawn and scared shit-less by intimacy.. and rightfully so.. because Truthfully it strips us down to the bare, and leaves us open, exposed.. rips us apart.. Devoid of tricks and defenses. And we can’t stand that! Being that Naked.. and losing our sense of control,safety.

Everywhere else we have an escape door, here.. not so much.Its highly uncharted domain..Our intimate relationships always point us to our core wounds.. where our work still lies. If we wish to take it up, only curiosity, humility and simplicity survive. And when embraced becomes the gateway to heaven and he-artful stillness on earth whether alone or with another.

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