I am the Un-rejectable, the Unbreakable

For the ones struggling with trauma, anxiety, rejection, depression.

I am the Un-rejectable, the Unbreakable
All the rejections I’ve ever faced have only shown the quantum of love within my heart
Inner and outer devastation’s pointed me straight to The Eternal..
I broke, broke, broke until it expounded in my Gut..
I am the Unbreakable..

In the final count
My trauma couldn’t really hurt me
The tremendous need for control only showed me my hunger for
and naturally brought about a deeper alignment with the Universe.

The desperate attempts to secure love, belonging have brought me to the feet of the Unseen Void the universe is contained in.. time and time again..

Am filled to the fucking brim with the wholeness of the Universe
And the marvelous flaws of being human.. Rugged, grungy, raw
There’s no Other here any longer..
No ‘need’ here anymore..
Just the silent contentment, fulfillment of knowing What I am, and what I am a part of..

There’s no exclusion there ever..
We all know this in our bones..
My eyes are moist, my heart strong, my head clear
I am the Shining Sun(Son) of the Universe.
And We.. the Silent Harmony of it all.

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