But.. I can Love you

I sent this to a very dear friend recently, and soon realised this is pretty much the ground of all my work, relating and relationships 

I can’t save you, or rescue you my love

I probably can’t even help or support you

But I can BE there!

I can stand

At the border of your pain and suffering

Without invading/interfering, spiritualising, trivializing

I’ve been there, i know what it’s like to have the daylights knocked out of you

To have no direction home..


I can Love you

Unreservedly, completely, in a totally flawed way.
My own totally flawed way.

That may help..

And together we may discover

That we are divine tonight

Maybe the greatest song there is.

And don’t need anything from anyone.

No I cannot save you, heal you, fix you, set you right.

But I can Love you

No i cannot carry anything for you, your karmic debt, your baggage, the way you think and feel.

But I can Love you

And that may just be enough

If there’s one thing that has announced itself in me
It’s this,
In the depths of Hell or the Bliss of Heaven
Love can never be Absent.

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