As a kid, I remember watching Doogie Howser. The show ended with Doogie reflecting on his life and all that he went through. Even as a young kid there was something quite profound about seeing that. I felt in my heart back then i would like to share my reflections with others out of love and no other agenda. As time passed i lost this clarity , i guess like many other things as it happens often in life. And yet when the heart calls, it is always clear, always now and always takes off from where it left off. In my case, that kid being touched about someone sharing their journey of life genuinely, loving and appreciating the greatness of life.

LifeJourneysNow is an attempt at touching the kid and innocence in all our hearts.  I share here now, not just my reflections, but my poems and short stories that have consistently been with me and served as reminders and inspiration though the many phases of my life.

I hope you will walk with me on this journey as i share my heart, and life with all of you. And that it touches in you, the Heart of Love, the one place where it all arises from.

Shalom and Great Love!

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