The Path of Love & Heartbreak

The path of love is one of Heartbreak
Is the one where we’re Lost at Sea.. At times perpetually

It’s the path of life.
Where every ounce of you cries

When you are broken into so many fragments beyond recognition

As a flock of birds return home from a long arduous journey

So do I.. To my heart every morning and evening.

Always in the crucible of togetherness
In this shared helplessness known as Life..

We find it in each other, nature and the entire Fucking shining brimming universe!

It hurts though, it pains

Pain from our childhood, pain from the culture, pain from the atrocities of the world at large.

You want to run far from it all
To a place that doesn’t scar
So do I.. love

For now,
This is what we have
It’s all we’ve got though hon.
It’s what IS really sweetheart.

And I love you!
And i hope you do me as well
I can only hope for that, It’s not my prize to claim or stake.

In this Eternal Heartbreak
You are incredibly beautiful
Even when you are totally lost at Sea
You belong with Me!
Even When you’re lost at Sea.

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