The UN-Bearable Love

It’s not Unconditional Love it’s
The UN-bearable Love

What can put a stop to such harsh things that philander within us
Sometimes it does feel like a battle of the helms deep (Lord of the rings)
What can Man do against such hate, such cruel tyranny King theoden asks?

The answer to that lies in riding the Unbearable Love of Spirit/Truth
The unbearable love that holds it all in one fell swoop of an instance
That makes it all light..
Not our love for Spirit, but Spirit’s love for us..

The unbearable love takes care of us..
Make no mistake it’s a war.. We’re waging day in and out..
And make no mistake our Salvation lies only in the Undivided, Unbearable love of our true Spirit..
Not anywhere else, not in the ideas and ways of religion, spirituality, God, humanity..
But just in Unbearable love lies the liberation we truly seek..

For a time we can make ourselves believe it lies somewhere else in someone else..
Chris Martin from Coldplay said what he loves most about it’s music is that..
There’s a homemadeness to it.. It all came from within ourselves he says..
And So does love.. My heart.. So does Love..

It has a homemadeness to it.. Better yet
We are the Source of it..
Because it bears us when nothing else probably will or is capable of..
We are already true and we are already that! We don’t need to do or undo anything to Be that…
The more we see and love from that place you’ll find life becomes bearable because of the Unbearable love we’re already held in. 🤗
The utter simplicity, benevolence and flow of this love.
At one with and risen above all there is..

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