Embarrassing Bravery!

Maybe that’s the need of the hour. An Embarrassing bravery!, a bravery that leaves you unsure, looking a bit stupid, weak, defenseless. Gone are the days of being well put together, this macho individual who has it all figured out. We live in the bosom and rawness of life where it’s always a bit messed up. It’s also where the heart lives. So.. we’re always in good company and held in its stead, it’s where the deepest of joys are evoked, the deepest friendships unfold, and solitude reigns sovereign.

To live in a world where we are taking more of such actions, embarrassingly, unmindfully, straight from the heart and not caring much of what anyone has to say.

To love fearlessly with all our hearts, to Give the very depths of ourselves without even a plausible return, to Jump into the essence of sorrow and grief, to make friends with guilt and shame and give them a soft kiss on the forehead, to treat anger, loss, madness, ailments & heartache with dignity. That, Son of the Heart takes courage. That! Is Embarrassing bravery.. Daughter of Life. And when you begin to do that, you’ll no longer need approval and validation from anyone else. You’ll be able to meet your own eyes in the mirror finally for once with pride, joy and respect.

A currency running so scarce in the world. Don’t look to the world for love or to love you, they barely know they’re so confused finding it for themselves.. Everyone’s busy searching for it elsewhere.. You BE the Love, my love! You Show them how to Love! You become what they are looking for! In their heart of hearts they’ll thank you for it.

I promise you my love, even though it may not look like much or amount to anything big! I promise you something great will come from it. And it’s the one promise am willing to be pinned to. And I have my own (won) broken down embarrassing life to vouch for it 

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