The Path of gigantic Goof-ups

For the beloved Misfits!
When all else is sorted, you chose the path of gigantic goof ups.
Because your Heart had strength enough, that’s why.
Because you cared enough, that’s why.
You wanted to let your Heart have a chance.
You didn’t care for your life to look all nice, and all well put together
Someone had to be the joker in the pack, not the ace of spades, not the king or the queen, but the joker with no inherent value
Not recognized in the widely reputed card games
And yet what invisible value.
The power to multiply, mimic, negate all while being invisible. Being itself.
The world looks so down upon goof ups.
It reminds them that things are so out of their control
The Heart lives in the goof ups, the mess ups, the screw ups
Only those brings us closer to the breath of life itself.
I know you often feel a pain so unbearable beyond anything you can explain to anyone..
All psychiatrists, therapists, coaches, teachers, friends, Guru’s fail to show you a way
The shallowness of this world throttles and suffocates you..
And you feel like you got it all wrong..
Know you are sacred beloved, you didn’t goof up.
This was your design when the cosmos came into Being.
And when everyone else walked out on you for your goof ups
Exasperated, and you gave up on yourself too..
The stars shine, the waves gently continue kissing the shore, the trees sway lightly
Why? How?
Because Love never gave up on us.. That’s why
And we are Made of Love, that’s How!

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