The Flowering of Life!

This isn’t a post written from blame or anger but more reflection and expression. Also, its written in the first person but is more a rendition of our culture and times and my hope is most of us can relate to this. It is a bit long 🙂

From the time i was young i remember at so many places i was made wrong for being whoever i was and had to force myself into a certain system or template.. If i hadn’t studied enough i was good for nothing, so i forced myself to sit through atrocious schedules,classes to feel a sense of normancy. In fact it was the times of respite from class and everything that felt most normal, but we’re taught to ignore that, which doesn’t give us anything back, so i went to such terrible lengths to fit in. So much of life growing up was this everything had to fit into one mold else you were toast. Through school i was bullied threatened, labeled for being overtly sensitive and emotional, primarily because i had a comfort with the opposite sex. So i grew up being very apologetic and thought this was how i was supposed to function in the world and even I began indulging in such kind of behavior losing a true kind of innocence. Don’t get me wrong i did this for a while too so am not finding fault with it.

It was only when i started maturing, i realized what a great strength it actually is to be sensitive and heartful in a world such as this and stopped apologizing for it. In fact all the stuff i was made wrong for turned out to be my biggest strengths in a more deeper spiritual sesne. Not just that.. I began to realize there’s something tremendously off and not right about the systems we’re living in. So much comparison, judgement, anger and typecasting, There’s no deeper sense to them,they are burning people out, not designed to let a man live in true freedom and peace. And how many things the world has gotten wrong, primarily because they were not built from the place of deeper essence inquiry, love and patience .. I’ve observed this same kind of behavior pretty much everywhere in all domains of life. At work spaces,families, friend circles, pretty much anywhere where there were a gathering of people.

Our culture and society does not know how to let a human being flower, we are all interested in the mechanization of man.Turn him into a machine and drive it crazy till you exhaust the living hell out of it. Flowering on the other hand as we may have noticed in nature is such a patient and loving process.

There’s no particular reason am writing this, other than to maybe just remind someone who needs this.. old or young, just cause your life doesn’t fit into how the world has defined things to be, doesn’t mean you’re wrong or somethings not right about you. The world does not know how to live,in fact its a terrible example on living.. We’re constantly looking to it, it cannot show you how..Only your heart can. The depth of your own being. That comes from love and not the egoic separate functioning we are so used to.

And this is not out of angst, in fact i feel the the deepest love for the world and for my life just as it has been and yet the heart expresses for we must all learn to sit in front of the majesty and immensity of life in silence, and not knowing.So this is me doing that..

So those of you who have taken this dive in every aspect of your life and are attempting to live a truthful,heartful life wherever you are and however you are, let me remind you, you’re the crazy diamond we need and, you’re doing something immense and if i could bow at your feet right now, i would.


The Path of Humility and Weakness

The Path of Humility and Weakness

The elders described the path as Revolutionary and rebellious
The ancestors said that it was a path to be tread cautiously & carefully.
The leaders said the path was filled with grit and gumption
The wise saints said the path was of detachement
However in your heart a song whispered,
A song none had heard before
Because it could only come to you, whose name it was made for.

Your heart said
The path is of humiliation and weakness
Of destruction and subtraction
Of simplicity and reduction

Because only when we are humiliated & weak
Do we really open
Till then we’re being incredibly smart with our lives
Spiritually, intellectually smart
Too sorted, too put together
Something has to break down all our smartness
For us to Break Free!

And only when we truly Open
Does Life Pour itself into Us
Fully, Merge into our Being!
And Leave a simplicity
And the Unknown Beaming!

You’ll fall in your own eyes,
You’ll fall in the worlds eyes,
The world will fall in your eyes
But my Love!
You’ll rise
you’ll Rise
In the Eyes of Love

And you’ll finally learn what it means to be Real, Caring and perhaps Honest!

The Warmth in your Heart!

Just pause, maybe even for a second and feel the warmth in your heart.

A warmth that belongs to All Life! Some call it gratitude,some compassion, Heart, etc.

That’s the most beautiful thing about Wisdom, Beauty, Truth and Love is that it doesn’t belong to any one of us.It’s always from and for the bounty of Life

At the Feet of this Mystery, as it reveals itself deeper and deeper, I find Love at its very core, I find myself utterly human, my very real insecurities, my constant battles, the ever present tension of the world and helplessly so. There is a strength in that, in holding it all together and surrendering. An exquisite tenderness and freshness, moist eyes and hands grounded, as hard as iron.

The sooner we acknowledge that we’re failures at this thing called life,The easier Grace can take over, And take over it will.

When things seem rough, and the absurdities of life seem to take control. When All else fails..

Go to your heart. In genuine surrender. Just, Pause, maybe even for a second and feel the warmth of your heart.

That’ll do.

An address From and For the Vagabond

An address From and For the Vagabond

Am looking for the one without an address
I keep searching, I keep asking around
No one seems to know where the friend is tonight
Although he did give me his sign and this road-map and asked me to find his whereabouts
Yet, in just the way he said it
I knew that in actuality he didn’t really want me to find him,

You see,he never had an address.
He wanted me to Just BE where I am and Meet him there.
He was Always Right here, Ready to meet and Lavish love!

And yet as is the way with Lovers, we chase
So I set out,
Traveling with an open hood
The breeze flowing through me, in me
The vast mountains, the open road
The one without an address, without coordinates beckoned

At long last, At the 100th Dawn i gave up
As the night fell and the next morning rose
I Settled everywhere, finding home in everything and everyone
Losing and building my world afresh with each breath.

I never did find him
But he did, He Found Me!
He always does!

We’re Winning my Friend! Do you See?

We’re winning my friend. Do you See?

Giving into the Heart is the greatest thing we can do my companion.

Surrendering into the Unknown.
We end up touching the lives of people we may never meet.
Faces we may never see, voices we may never hear,
Are blessed!
It’s the greatest victory!

Yes you’re imperfect, so am i. Yes we fail, yes! we fall short, Yes! we ache tirelessly.. Can we still offer ourselves the resoluteness of tremendous kindness? Your life demands it of you!

Because seeing one instant from the Heart of Beauty renders it all Whole!, beyond repair.

No matter where you are, whatever you’re doing, however you are. We’re winning my friend, Do you see ? Rejoice my companion, Rejoice! We’re winning my friend. Do you See?

The East Wind

The East Wind

The east wind blew upon me!

Its breeze gentle yet firm.

The East wind blew,

And it took away everything with it

It stole everything from me

I was left penniless, opinion less, defenceless


It left me however, with a freedom and quietness

A freedom so Vast and wide that nothing could ever contain it

A freedom so few desired

Quietness so tranquil

Quietness in total equanimity with all that is

Quietness everyone rebelled against

Standing there,

It was as if I was born again

It took everything with it

And left me Here, at peace

The East wind still blew about

Now, no longer so dangerous

The East Wind is all the Grace we need!

At the Heart of the Unknown

At the Heart of the Unknown
An open loving adventure our life is,

At the Heart of the Unknown
I lit a fire I cannot douse
Diving into the cool, calm depth of Being
I found Eternal Life.

At the Heart of the Unknown
I found a Freedom i knew nothing about.

At the Heart of the Unknown
Where all things go to die
I found My own Infinite Safety
I told my heart when am with you am safe,
It responded, So am I.

A new Born Baby

To learn to live like a new born baby is maybe the greatest challenge we as human beings will ever encounter. To hold the fact of existence with absolute love, like your looking at it for the first time, there’s an innocence and a freshness in that which we all have inside of us.

A joy without outcomes, an intimacy with feelings of fear, abandonment, rejection, destruction which isn’t based on running away or shunning them away. A life without calculations, a heart fully present, eager to learn without distinction and boundary.

To give yourself to the craft of the moment, to the craft of YOU!.. each moment. Where every road leads to life and learning. Where celebrations, quietness, play and creativity are paramount and second nature.

A baby.. that is enveloped and cradled in the warmth of Life! Even as it pours outside the window, We’re Safe!

The Annihilated Completion!

When all of us breaks, a totality is born. Quiet, from nowhere, that which hasn’t had its coordinates in time and space before. And for some weird reason it completes itself each and every instant of life.

The flow of the river of Love,moves quietly silently. Takes you to places inside you didn’t even know existed. The price to be in this flow is a surrender, a surrender born beyond the confines of limitednes, an exhaustion for which giving your all is required.

The perfect Destruction. There is no way here, everything just is. By destroying itself, everything completes itself. A true annihilation renders itself complete. This is something we shall never understand.



A Conversation-less Symphony

When we start communicating through our beings everything is heard clearly. We don’t need talk so much. Our beings are ancient and understand perfectly all things subtle. When the Being (The deepest aspect of ourselves) speaks to Being there is very little space for misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

There’s a symphony here, which doesn’t need conversation. One being coming in harmony with another that is what we are all sent here to do and be.

Then for the first time we realize how little our tongues matter. We awaken to a tongueless way of life and aliveness!

To the conversation-less symphony that life is.