We accept the love we think we deserve!

We accept the love we think we deserve!

I used to often wonder, sometimes still do when i see two people together in relationship. Why are these guys together? I mean it makes no sense, it’s obvious that either of them could do so much better.. I myself have struggled so much with this, and been stuck in unfulfilled relationships for the longest time where for whatsoever reason i wasn’t met back with the equal amount of intensity and love and stuck around due to my fears..

I’ve also seen many people have had it easy, but for some of us, especially for those of us who approach life deeper and in a more whole way, relationships have been the greatest field of exploration and depth. Nothing on the surface.. and as a result it has cut so deep cause we want an authentic, expansive and truly heartful and sensitive way of relating. So if you’re one of those who has always struggled to make a relationship work, that isn’t your fault, and there’s nothing wrong with you.

And i looked around and saw so many such unfulfilled relationships, there’s like an epidemic of them almost. Have you seen it’s so rare to see a couple brimming with Love and Joy for each other? Until one day i heard a line from a movie which made total sense to me, it was from the ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’, and the line was, ‘We accept the love we think we deserve’. There’s almost an inner thermostat each of us have to the extent of Love we can take. Whenever the love we receive begins to cross that thermostat, we just cant take it. It’s almost like we feel we don’t deserve this and shun it or turn it down or do something stupid to blow it off. We Get in its way.. And it’s so sad, we are in our own way often.. to experience the deepest love we are so naturally capable of.. We’re still like little kids who deep down feel we are unworthy, we don’t see that’s such a deep defense mechanism. Almost like hurting ourselves by denying what is so naturally ours.

Sometimes love has become such a mad mad game. It all began somewhere along the line, where someone from our families or the collective family of the world, hurt the other, the wounds continue and they pass it forward. We have forgotten to pass Love forward, we just keep passing hurt and tough issues. Broken families, terrible marriages, people unwilling to fathom closeness, running away from relationships, scattered in all sorts of harmful equations ..Wounds, pain, that’s what we’ve been passing on. We’re all playing out unresolved wounds in relationships, fear of intimacy, and it hurts so much to come face to face with them.. it breaks our heart wide open. Ancestral lineage after lineage. Generational pain, I often ask myself where does it all stop? Can someone put an end to it? and really consciously work through it and free up the field.. So many of us fail at this, even so called spiritual ones.. From what little I’ve known, Its the hardest thing to do.. I don’t have an answer but it’s a question worth dedicating the rest of my life to. And to perpetually be open to let the Heart In, over ad over again! Whatever it may cost me..

If the heart had a voice it would Say, If only you Saw the kind of Love that’s naturally our birthright, we wouldn’t trade it for anything. We usually go around distributing love and understanding to the whole world, we forget though, You more than anyone else deserve the Love, you hand out. First and foremost it has to be at your own two blessed feet and with this comes the sensitive and heartbreaking understanding that People will always end up receiving and giving love at their own level of consciousness.

Show up to yourself Darling! You are the occasion, You are the Main Event! You are the Show Stopper! You are the Occasion Darling, Rise to it! Show up to yourself in All your unbranded glory, whoever you are.

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