Sun Kissed Presence! Today We even Set God Free!

Sun Kissed Presence!
Today we even set God free

Broken so deeply that shadows flee hearing our stories
And we are reduced to nothing but a figment of our imagination
Lesser than ashes
In our brokenness we learn to love..
Am looking for the friend today who would happily break his/her heart with me
No guarantees, no demands, no expectations of any kind. Just here, Surrendered.
Today we even set God free
To let God be God without any pressure
Am here to play such a game and have my face marred in exchange
And have the glow of the Sun Kissed Presence
It’s been a long search and yet yielded empty seats and no substantial results
Will someone be willing to play this game?
Would someone be willing to share the light of the Sun with me?
Unfiltered, unswerving and Unsparingly in Love
Unquestionably, Unapologetically and Relentlessly
In the Heart

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