The Wound

There is a wound within you, that only you know about.
Nobody else does.
Not your best friends, your lover, your teachers, mentors or even your drinking partners
Try as hard as you might you can’t get rid of it
No technique, strategy, perspective works

Because deep down you realize that some scars never heal
They aren’t meant to be
Because they weren’t wrong in the first place
And maybe its a good thing

It is the wound within you that,
makes you so alive, innocent, simple, tender
makes you restart your incredible journey fresh each day
Your eyes clear and your heart giving

What if you discovered that the darkest part within you was a Messiah in disguise?
Would you then be willing to let it take you to places you’ve never seen before?
Would you finally for once be willing to meet it as it is and take its hand as you would a dear friends?
Or would you still continue to make it an enemy and struggle against it?

Shake that hand my friend, Shake that Hand!

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