The Path of Humility and Weakness

The Path of Humility and Weakness

The elders described the path as Revolutionary and rebellious
The ancestors said that it was a path to be tread cautiously & carefully.
The leaders said the path was filled with grit and gumption
The wise saints said the path was of detachement
However in your heart a song whispered,
A song none had heard before
Because it could only come to you, whose name it was made for.

Your heart said
The path is of humiliation and weakness
Of destruction and subtraction
Of simplicity and reduction

Because only when we are humiliated & weak
Do we really open
Till then we’re being incredibly smart with our lives
Spiritually, intellectually smart
Too sorted, too put together
Something has to break down all our smartness
For us to Break Free!

And only when we truly Open
Does Life Pour itself into Us
Fully, Merge into our Being!
And Leave a simplicity
And the Unknown Beaming!

You’ll fall in your own eyes,
You’ll fall in the worlds eyes,
The world will fall in your eyes
But my Love!
You’ll rise
you’ll Rise
In the Eyes of Love

And you’ll finally learn what it means to be Real, Caring and perhaps Honest!

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