The Warmth in your Heart!

Just pause, maybe even for a second and feel the warmth in your heart.

A warmth that belongs to All Life! Some call it gratitude,some compassion, Heart, etc.

That’s the most beautiful thing about Wisdom, Beauty, Truth and Love is that it doesn’t belong to any one of us.It’s always from and for the bounty of Life

At the Feet of this Mystery, as it reveals itself deeper and deeper, I find Love at its very core, I find myself utterly human, my very real insecurities, my constant battles, the ever present tension of the world and helplessly so. There is a strength in that, in holding it all together and surrendering. An exquisite tenderness and freshness, moist eyes and hands grounded, as hard as iron.

The sooner we acknowledge that we’re failures at this thing called life,The easier Grace can take over, And take over it will.

When things seem rough, and the absurdities of life seem to take control. When All else fails..

Go to your heart. In genuine surrender. Just, Pause, maybe even for a second and feel the warmth of your heart.

That’ll do.

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