The Amazement That is love!

For all the beloved friends and fellow travelers of mine who are living in the wonder and Amazement of what is Love really?

And for those of us, who really need it. A kiss from Love!

The Amazement That is love!

Love calls upon you to grow.. to expand
Love calls upon you to break, to make more of yourself
To connect with another heart
To abandon yourself while worshiping yourself.
To cry with another
Holding their hand
And yet Be Still internally

Love strengthens you
As it crushes you down into a million pieces
Love wrenches you open.

Love is Silence
Love swims when everything else backs off
Love is perhaps the only thing that can bare to swim against the current
of the river of the world & society
And yet have respect for it all.

Love Is
The Only Real Revolution
The Only Real Spirituality
The rest are poor disguises.

Love delights in itself
Love leaves you alone
To infuse every touch, moment and word with a deep presence
So deeply present with everything and everyone
Love calls out unyielding
Will we answer it’s call, or will we look away like we often have
We’re not bound to answer its call and can take all the time we need

Love leaves you with no answers, with no-thing
Love smiles on its own desolation
Love Stops you
Dead in your Tracks!
So that it may finally kiss you
And Make Itself into You!
Resist, or Resist Not
Love Loves You!

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