The True Worth of Your Heart!

For all those who are hurting with wounds they can’t speak about. I know how hard it gets, trust me i do. The pain, confusion, the lonesomeness, the unworthiness.. Even though anything i say can’t even begin to comprehend or come close to it. I feel you, i hear you.

And i want to remind you there is a beauty in this. A phenomenal beauty that we as the world are yet unequipped to deal with. There is immensity in you and your journey is deeply sacred even if most of the world runs it down or laughs it off. I have the deepest respect for you and your scars and wounds. It is those that will finally be our salvation and liberation. It is those that will finally make us surrender so that our hearts may shape our lives.. That your scars and wounds sting as they might.. bring you anew. Awake you into the Heart of Blessed Eternal love.. I don’t look at these things as something to be solved for if stayed with and embodied they turn Into the Resolution themselves.. Into the Deep Trust at your own feet, movement and expression that no one and i repeat no one or nothing can take from you. For then we can finally be free.. Free to Love.. It is the darn wound precisely that will goddamn heal us…

Blessed are the lepers in the kingdom of God for they remind us of the sacredness of our skin, Blessed are the hateful in the kingdom of God for they remind us of the capacity of Great Love in our hearts. Blessed are the broken, for they make the world whole again. Blessed are the lost, as they come back knowing there is no ‘The” way.

For in Love’s kingdom we are all one. One Heart! One Unity! Maybe Different expressions, different paths.. You are holy and innocent belonging to the arms of Grace Herself! who is the earliest. And there each ounce of our brokenness is redeemed whole and you remember with a deep sigh of relief were never broken to begin with.

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