Hugging the Moon

I stood there on the night terrace looking at it.
It’s faint ember glow falling upon us,
Pearl like…
So beautiful. So quiet.
It’s silence descended..
It’s dark shades illuminated.
Craters visible from such a distance
Can you imagine there may be such huge holes in the moon.
Holes that add to the beauty, not take away from it.
They told me to lose the moon
The rationalists told me the moon was the cause of a lot of upheaval in our lives
High tide and all..
The detached ones told me to distance from the moon
The spiritualists told ‘me’ to disappear and let only the moon live.

And yet, that night all I was enveloped with..
Was the overwhelming feeling of hugging the moon.
I wanted to hug the moon..
Lavish it with love
Be one with it.
For all that it had given me and Us
Light in the dark
A smile when needed
It is our Heart in all its shades..
I wanted to hug the moon because hugging it seemed like the only sensible thing to do.
It was ME.

Will you join me?

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