It takes only One to Love!

He was angry that day. It was a lot of things that were unfolding in his life. From his relationships, to his job, to all the stuff that was outside his control. And how bad the traffic was. Riding in this traffic was terrible, To top it all of it was raining.. Darn it, right when you don’t need it. He thought to himself.

The rain was so heavy it almost had a stilling quality about it. Stopped everyone and everything dead in its tracks. Obviously it disrupted his plans of where he wanted to go and how fast he wanted to get there. He stood there by the roadside fuming about all the lost joy that life stole from him.

He saw these kids playing in the rain, with a gleam in his eye. That gleam, something about it, reminded him of his childhood. Those endless hours spent on the basketball court, trying to play basketball with a volleyball, go figure! He was amused, smiling.

And then suddenly as he was standing there for a while, it’s as though something twisted inside of him and that made him see. Looking around he was drawn in by the intrigue of all that was happening on the road. He saw the gleaming light of the lamp post that made its way through the green leaves, he saw someone arguing in the car over something vehemently, he saw pedestrians making a dash for it while they were laughing. A certain sacredness arose from nowhere. How incredible this life really was even in its seeming harshness. How gut wrenchingly beautiful A quite calm and warm embrace of Acceptance. It Left him in oneness. The quality of Loving things as they are awoke in him and it became crystal clear, as always.

It takes only One to Love!

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