Stripped to the Bare Essentials. – Ground Zero!

It takes great courage and willingness to be stripped down.. And that’s what so much of life is doing… It’s stripping us to our bare… Bare essentials… A ground zero… So that we are tender again, warm again, he-artful again. You see, in a position of true weakness you have no option but to open up… We are anew again.. When Jesus was put on the cross and he bore unimaginable pain, I’ll never forget what he told his mother, when he came in front of her, carrying the cross. He said ‘See mother how I make things anew again’… That touches my heart so so much.. Even today I have tears just thinking about it. While this is so scary for most of us, there is redemption at the heart of it… or so… I’d like to believe.

Am not saying that’s what’s called from us in all our lives all the time, but ground zero isn’t a bad or dangerous place, it’s the place where the infinite is viewed, embodied and allowed. Tell me… If, your life was all okay, would you ever dare to venture deeper, across yourself? And don’t we all need your heart? As much as you have the privilege of having it, we need it to.

Life’s intentions are pure and loving. It has a heart of Gold in doing such things. It knows the beauty it has created and it doesn’t want to give up on that, even though the whole world might… It knows the radiance of Spirit lives within your very own breath… Harsh as it may seem, it’s the awakening of a new dawn, and the dark night shall pass… Because you have made friends with it again and in doing so, its holiness IS upheld.

In nature… Hay reminds us that it once belonged to the early morning Sun as much as it did in the pitch dark of the night… And it gives nonetheless wherever it is to all life… We are fresh and Virgin like… And our hearts have to breathe like that again and sometimes it takes something unimaginably hard to get us to ground zero.. Sometimes that’s not easy. It requires an exquisite openness and humility to bear life’s great adventures and journeys inward/outward, and the courage to love, be reduced to ground zero… as much as we don’t want to take that in.

It’s not an easy process, this life. It’s so hard to walk the curriculum given to us, with so much agonizing us. I get it, we are barely able to breath with all this manipulation, difficulty in the world, we see inside and outside… But it’s okay… Sometimes the pain is needed for redemption… Just like the crucifixion was needed for resurrection…

We’re walking home friend and Am not giving up on you! I love you!

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