The Big Bang Of Love – The Highest possibility of Relationship.

When the Divine starts loving, it breaks everything down.
So simply, so quietly.
With the tenderness of a wildflower,
And the intimacy and closeness akin to the warmth of our breath.
Snuggled, nestled and cradled on the bosom and Heart of Life.
The Call of it is Clear at each instant..
Surrender! Surrender! Surrender!
Then for the first time again,
There’ll be the big bang once more.
Within our very own hearts
The Big Bang of Love!

In the right kind of relationship, we start seeing the divine in and as everything. We see the divine in the one we love, and then in everything that animates itself in the world and Universe. This is the highest possibility of Love and relationship. Always has been, always will be. An ever lasting eternal love that keeps reigniting and renewing itself to itself. That’s why love is so highly regarded, that’s why everything transforms in love. We all know this intuitively. Love above all Else! Love above all Else!

To see the Divine, the One, in your Beloved and then see the same one, in everything and everyone. That is the highest possibility of relationship. This is our birthright.

It’s always been about this. Always. Ask your heart.. It’ll whisper..

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