Get ‘IN’.. Your OWN Way!

She came to me and said
I Feel like am really messing my life.
So I said,
Here’s an oath for Us.

That’s your job
All of spirituality, everyone, almost fucking everyone tells you to not get in your own way..
I dare you today to get in your own way.. COMPLETELY!
I double Dare you!
Destroy yourself totally!
See.. there is something within us which is always hunting for blood
Which is downright evil
And will constantly get in our own way
It messes our life day in and out
Look! For crying out loud.
We both know it well, we know it all too well.
We’re not separate from it
How far will you run from it?
Today I beckon and call upon you
To actually do your job and get in your own way completely.
Do it fully though
No half hearted-ness
Be uninspired, be dull, be boring, useless, be an asshole
You are free!
You finally have the permission of the heart.
If there’s anything I know after subjecting myself to years of torture.
Truth doesn’t flourish in a repressed and proper environment..
Where there is no freedom and openness, Love and Truth barely ever walk in there

Mess it all up
You’re off the hook hon.
Throw the groceries, break the glass, wreck the damn living room of your mind. Splash those colors
Wreck the van, total it. Today.
NOW Darn it..
Drive yourself up the wall and go crazy for once
Am here, I ain’t running
Fall back on me when you feel guilt for it.

Even when no-one else will see the beauty. It’s there!
You’ll have the hearts eyes! You’ll See with it’s Spirit
The rest is Life’s job
The Heart will take care of everything else
Heart Assured!
The only true insurance you can bank on.
Are you game?

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