The Beauty of Tears!

As I sat there crying uncontrollably..It occurred to me what if people saw me? What if they think I’ve gone crazy? What if they judge me? What if they call me weak, overly sensitive? Too deep into shit? , Too used to giving crap to myself

Then the heart spoke to me. She said what if you are actually, finally going sane?. The tears bordered on a smile and finally maybe for the first time i felt safe, protected and held. To respond intensely and he-artfully to something, I must have actually have gone inwardly sane, IN-sane.

Finally being one with your pain and hurt and not running like so many do, building castles of their life, convenient escapes to not face what is really there in the guise of let’s not rock the boat, its not needed/required or be well guarded/ put together to prove their superiority to themselves.

The heart loses in all such games. A moment of innocent authenticity and vulnerability lets the Universe Live in us again.

The Universe doesn’t need more people with armors, well defined intelligence, spiritual brilliance. It needs people with a heart full of Love. A heart so loving and complete that it’ll walk into hell and back for the sake of love itself.

That and only that has ever made a redemptive difference!

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