The Dark Christmas!

Own the Hurt
Be one with it
No one can fuck with you then
It’s yours. You see?
It’s no longer something wrong, bad or something that you feel sorry about
The angst, powerlessness, the hurt, the misunderstanding, sadness, helplessness
Romance with it.
Breathe the heart of your presence to it.
It’s the spark of the stones that led to the fire
It’s the crucifixion that led to the resurrection.
It’s your inscrutable aloneness that they can’t take from you.
There’s an anvil on the horizon this Christmas
An anvil to break down all that which gets in the way of your True Being!
You can’t run from YOU anymore, try as you might..
It’s always been about you! Always.
It’s dark and quiet.
For this is the promise we made, before time and space
That we’ll walk the path of Truth and Love!
Long before the face of the universe came into Being.
You promised to walk beloved child of God!
You promised to walk
Don’t turn back on it now.
Even if your shadow doesn’t walk with you
Alright!! Rip me limb from limb, shred to shred
Lose everything that can be lost, throw it in the bin
Drink up the darkness
Leave nothing of me including my shadow.
On this Christmas plunged in darkness
I took the promise
Long before light made its way..
For the brightness of Millennia ahead of me.
When All is said and Done
This is all I will have
This promise to Truth and love!

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