An address From and For the Vagabond

An address From and For the Vagabond

Am looking for the one without an address
I keep searching, I keep asking around
No one seems to know where the friend is tonight
Although he did give me his sign and this road-map and asked me to find his whereabouts
Yet, in just the way he said it
I knew that in actuality he didn’t really want me to find him,

You see,he never had an address.
He wanted me to Just BE where I am and Meet him there.
He was Always Right here, Ready to meet and Lavish love!

And yet as is the way with Lovers, we chase
So I set out,
Traveling with an open hood
The breeze flowing through me, in me
The vast mountains, the open road
The one without an address, without coordinates beckoned

At long last, At the 100th Dawn i gave up
As the night fell and the next morning rose
I Settled everywhere, finding home in everything and everyone
Losing and building my world afresh with each breath.

I never did find him
But he did, He Found Me!
He always does!

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