We’re Winning my Friend! Do you See?

We’re winning my friend. Do you See?

Giving into the Heart is the greatest thing we can do my companion.

Surrendering into the Unknown.
We end up touching the lives of people we may never meet.
Faces we may never see, voices we may never hear,
Are blessed!
It’s the greatest victory!

Yes you’re imperfect, so am i. Yes we fail, yes! we fall short, Yes! we ache tirelessly.. Can we still offer ourselves the resoluteness of tremendous kindness? Your life demands it of you!

Because seeing one instant from the Heart of Beauty renders it all Whole!, beyond repair.

No matter where you are, whatever you’re doing, however you are. We’re winning my friend, Do you see ? Rejoice my companion, Rejoice! We’re winning my friend. Do you See?

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