The Mysterious Travels from Here to Nowhere!

It’s been a while since i updated a blog post.

The last 10 days i was on an intense hike around the Annapurna circuit in Nepal. it was incredible.. but one of the most challenging things i have ever done in my life. Doing something so outside anything i have ever done, opened new doors within me.

It changed something inside of me once and forever. I can’t pin point what though. It’s a mystery. I remember reflecting this morning that each time one travels, the same one who left mustn’t return. Something else entirely must return. That is a true way to Travel, to die each and every step of the way.

Speaking of death, I almost died twice on the trek due to some very stupid rookie mistakes. When you encounter death so closely a humility is born within you that no one can give you and it reorganizes everything with the eyes of Love.

Everything feels so different internally and yet it is the same body..  It feels like a new universe has arisen inside of me. If we watch closely we see that new universes arise and die within us each time not in some big grand way but in small daily things.

I don’t what lies ahead and where this will take me and what implications it has, but it feels like life will never be the same again.

It’s a mystery each step of the way.. Might as well enjoy it

Cheers to all your travels too my friend. Love you!

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