The Redemptive Power of Love!

Love one of the most used words in any language.

And yet almost in all languages we have an intuitive sense that there’s something about Love that’s larger than all of us and cannot be captured. So talking about love in a way is futile, the experience is all.

It isn’t attachment, our traditional notions of it, pettiness, possession. Deep down we all know that, otherwise we wouldn’t tear up when we see acts of sacrifice and selflessness

Real love is redemptive. It has the power to bring something back to life, bring it alive. It awakens and moves swiftly, like a huge wave breaking free in the middle of the night.

We can never define it, it can only be discovered in one’s being.. Far far away from the corruptions of society.An exploration that has no end. The Mystery of Love deepens, each time my friend.


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