The Gift of Sickness

There’s something about lay down sick that brings up so much especially when one is on a journey.

All the resistances, joys, deepest conflicts. Its almost like there’s no escape. Looking at everything right as it is because the energy to manipulate isn’t there.

And in that through our deepest acceptance, if we allow it a power much vaster than our limited conception starts operating guides us, shows us the way.

And therein Sickness is a gift. It can get across where others things fail.Do what other things cannot. The sheer amount of blessings in a sickness is easily missed. And of course its not ideal, its not one of the most enjoyable things and yet its here in our lives.

And anything that’s here deserves the deepest respect and love!

Be well my friend! And if a sickness does come knocking on your door, greet it with an open heart. And maybe even invite it with warmth.

Might as well right? 🙂 Will our resistance help?

Love you!

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