Am all of it!!

Common! You and i both know that deep down we are everything.

Am an ass, your an ass!

Am bloody brilliant! So are you!

Am selfish, mean, gorgeous, trusting, paranoid, a sore loser, the most compassionate gracious human being ever, arrogant,humble, fearful, loving. We contain the entirety of existence. To stick to any one thing is to sell ourselves short of the vast mystery we are. There is no room for good or bad here anymore.

Everything i have ever accused another of.. I am.

All the brilliance and shine i see in another.. I am

All the inadequate, ugliness, limiting tendencies.. I am

All the Limitless, Infinite beauty.. I am

We are incredibly perfect, imperfect, flawed, flawless gorgeous, ugly ones.

Shine on you crazy diamond!!

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