A Profound Okayness!!

It seems to me that nothing can get in the way of a sense of a profound okayness. A sense that it’s okay, okay to feel whatever your feeling, okay to be wherever your at, okay to all the ways we push and pull ourselves around.

The many grooves that we have developed from when we are young, thanks to all the conditioning around us, do play out. And there isn’t anything wrong or bad about them. I notice myself trying to push them away many times in hope of having a more enlightened way to be with things, but a new way to deal with life and move with life comes from embracing everything, loving and accepting things for what they are.

Just an Okayness to everything, that it’s all okay and free to be what it is. So the next time we get into some spot of bother, we say to ourselves, it’s okay..

Okay? 😛

That’ll be our little secret chant/code, like other people have many more.

Love! Love and even more Love!


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