The Power of Journeys

Leaving home, leaving similar territory and to go in the search of the unknown and live with the unknown is always scary. Its even more scary when you know your on a journey ”you” cant return from. The ”you” here means All the false ideas, conceptions of ourselves that we carry around. They die on journeys, they die when we travel away from the known.

Leaving home, the place i was based the past 4 years and following my heart   (traveling on work projects), and Nowhere (with no particular destination) has been the most exciting and scary thing for me in all honesty.

In a journey anything goes, the scattered bus ride, the unplanned food timings, it includes everything and is as comfortable as it is difficult.

Here’s to all the little journeys we take each day, inside of ourselves and outside no matter where we are.

Big Hugs! And Buckets Buckets of Love!

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