The Value of Silence

How important it is in a day to spend time by yourself. Just yourself and no distractions. Having nothing from the outside feed into you. It is there, one realizes and comes to understand oneself, know one self, what is our inherent, intrinsic being.

Just to sit by yourself and listen deeper. Beyond all the conditioning of the world, its words, beneath all the lies that we have been programmed to believe, only that silence makes you understand what you truly are, it puts you in touch with the uniqueness and incredible beauty that lies within us and a glimpse into our hearts way of life.

Even if it is for a short duration of time, do it everyday. It’ll change your life.That’s a guarantee. In a world where true guarantees are rare to come by, this one really is. It has for me, i invite you to the game too

Shalom and Love!

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