The Sacredness of Defeat

Many reflections about defeat today. Victory’s spoken about a lot in our culture but no one talks much about defeat. I remember hearing a Bruce Lee quote that said “To learn to die is to be liberated from it”.

To really access wholeness, Love and true victory it is important that we learn to accept defeat. Defeat to the moment, Defeat to the Vast genius that lives inside each of us. To learn to let go into the ever present Totality and Love that is guiding us. When we let go into this we realize it isn’t a bad thing at all, but its something we all resist and more so we haven’t been taught to deal with in our lives.

Knowing the sacredness of Defeat is when True Victory emerges within us. And then win/lose doesn’t matter because fearless resides within us which is the the birth place of all genius and glory!


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